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Anx - Are you stressed or anxious?

Please click on description tab below to see all details.   Each of the oils and herbs in this balm can be used for relaxation & stress relief on their...

Bath Powder

Please click on description tab below to see all details. Hemp bath powders are hydrating for the skin, and come in 5 different aromas to relax the mind, body and spirit.  ...

Body oil gift box

Hand engraved wooden box containing 10ml sizes of all 5 of our body oils.

Body Oils

These beautifully moisturising body oils come in 5 different aromas. Readily absorbed immediately into the skin, they soften ,moisturise and rejuvenate without leaving a greasy residue.  100ml Mellow - Creates a...

Brush Value Pack

Hemp Hair Oil is simply amazing!! Control frizz, seal in hydration, prevent split ends, encourage hair growth…. Using a detangle brush feels great & will minimise hair breakage on both...

C60 Terpenes 100ml CBD Alternative

C60 Terpenes synergistically combines the restorative agents found in Terpenes and Carbon 60 into one holistic product. Convenient, effective and safe, this breakthrough technology encapsulates the essence of each substance...

Calm (new formula)- Need a peaceful nights sleep?

A luxurious balm, rich in antioxidants, designed specifically to help soothe and calm. This lovely combination of oils will quiet your mind and relax your body, allowing you to unwind...

Calm (old formula)

Please click on description link below to see full details. A luxurious, anti-oxidant rich balm specifically designed to help soothe and calm. This lovely combination of oils will quiet your...

Deluxe box set

This beautiful boxed set comes with 10 of our balms in 30ml size. These are Anx, Calm, Ease, Fungoff, Hemp Kiss, Heal, Mend, Repair, Relax, and Soothe. These balms are...


A traditional organic drawing salve that will soften the skin irritated by an insect bite, boil, ingrown hair or splinter - simply apply a small amount to the affected areas...

Ease - St John's Wort

A balm containing a heavy infusion of St Johns Wort, a herb that has been used for centuries for its unique properties, and very complimentary to the wonderful topical benefits...

FOH lip balm

Creamy and moisturising with a spearmint flavour, it's excellent for fixing  chapped lips!  This balm has a balanced combination of herbs with  very strong anti-viral properties and a pleasing feel...


This balm has a combination of several known anti-fungal herbs infused into it. It will feel great on the skin, and soothe itchy skin and feet. It will also get...

Gift bags

A sample of 2 of our balms, a hemp soap, and a lip balm/face oil/ or body oil from our collection.  

Gift Box Large

Beautifully crafted wooden gift boxes with a special selection from our range. Contains 30ml Relax 30ml Hemp Kiss 15ml FOH lip balm 100ml Recover massage oil 15ml Strength hair/beard oil...

Gift box small

This gorgeous little box is affordable and comes in a range of hand crafted designs. It contains a selection of three of our most popular products. If you have a preference...

Gift Box – Oils

Gift Box containing 15ml Unwind Massage Oil 15ml Recover Massage Oil 10ml Rejuve 15ml Strength Beard Oil 15ml Shine hair Oil

Greens Hemp Soap 100g

Hemp Seed Oil soaps are moisturising, creamy and soft on sensitive skin. Orangutan friendly.  Certified Palm Oil is used in all our soaps.Scented with pure essential oil.

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