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Deluxe box set

This beautiful boxed set comes with 10 of our balms in 30ml size. These are Anx, Calm, Ease, Fungoff, Hemp Kiss, Heal, Mend, Repair, Relax, and Soothe. These balms are...

Gift Box – Oils

Gift Box containing 15ml Unwind Massage Oil 15ml Recover Massage Oil 10ml Rejuve 15ml Strength Beard Oil 15ml Shine hair Oil

Gift Box Large

Beautifully crafted wooden gift boxes with a special selection from our range. Contains 30ml Relax 30ml Hemp Kiss 15ml FOH lip balm 100ml Recover massage oil 15ml Strength hair/beard oil...

Body oil gift box

Hand engraved wooden box containing 10ml sizes of all 5 of our body oils.

Gift Box Small

Wooden Gift Box containing 30ml Anx 15ml Rejuve Night Serum Lip Balm. 15ml Balm May be a selection of your choice - please specify
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