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Hemp Seed Oil 250ml or 500ml

Hemp Seed Oil has long been recognised as one of the most versatile & beneficial substances known to man. Derived from hemp seeds it has been regarded as a super...

Hemp Seeds 250g or 500g

Make any meal healthy- just add Hemp Seeds!! These delicious seeds are grown and harvested in Tasmania. Hemp seeds contain more essential Omega 3 and 6 than fish, chia, flax...

C60 Terpenes 100ml CBD Alternative

C60 Terpenes synergistically combines the restorative agents found in Terpenes and Carbon 60 into one holistic product. Convenient, effective and safe, this breakthrough technology encapsulates the essence of each substance...

Hemp Honey

Delicious Hemp Honey. 330g Contains raw organic honey,  hemp protein powder, and hulled hemp seeds 100% Australian pure, raw, antibiotic free premium microapiary honey with organic hemp. Brought to you...

Hemp Protein Powder 250g

Our hemp protein powder is a 100% Australian grown and processed plant protein with a valuable amino acid and omega acid profile. It is naturally gluten and lactose free and...

Hemp seeds and oil combo Large 500ml + 500g

500ml hemp seeds oil and 500g Hemp seeds

Hemp seeds and oil combo Small 250g and 250ml

250ml hemp seeds oil and 250g Hemp seeds

Hemp Flour 500g

Our Australian hemp flour is made using the husks from the seed that still contain part of the seed kernel. The resulting powder provides a texture and fibre to many...

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