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Heritage Shirt Long Sleeve

Long sleeve, button up design     100% hemp, slow fashion at its best      Regular fit, versatile styling options      Plastic-free, hardwood buttons     Insulates in...

Inked 15ml Tattoo Balm

Apply to new tattoos. Contains Arnica, Frankincense, Chickweed and Comfrey infused oils, Hemp Seed oil and Frankincense essential oil.Apply a thin layer to new tattoo 2-3 times daily. Absolutely no...

Mend - General Boo Boos

The combination of herbal infusions in this balm truly improve the integrity of the skin. A softer infusion than its sister balms, Mend makes the perfect choice for children. Mend...

NO ACHE headache roller pen

Soothing and calming. Bring a sigh of relief by applying directly to the neck, temples and forehead to reduce discomforts caused by stress, tension, headaches and migraines. Most affective if...

NOBO Deodorant

NO B.O!!!! Available in two sizes, and four scents. Melissa and Lemon Myrtle Rose Geranium and Sandalwood Frankincense and Myrrh Unscented Contains Hemp Seed Oil. Diatomaceous Earth, Shea Butter, Bentonite...

Plump lip balm

Tastes amazing! This lip balm is incredibly soothing on dry lips as well as having the benefit of adding a little fullness to your pout. Cinnamon will naturally colour and...

Recover Massage Oil

RECOVER massage oil tired, sore muscles? use this massage oil for some relaxation. Contains – Hemp Seed Oil, Black Pepper, Frankincense, Peppermint, Cypress Lemongrass and Lavender essential oils.

Rejuve Deluxe Face Serum

Reduce the appearance of lines, age spots and uneven skin tone by targeting them with this divine night serum! Apply to a clean face each night by placing one or...

Relax - Are you aching or sore??

A marvellous salve that works wonders on ACHING MUSCLES and SORE JOINTS, relaxing them and easing discomfort when massaged into the effected area. Contains – Arnica, Melissa (Lemon Balm), and...

Repair - Turmeric and Saffron Balm

A combination of herbal infusions to target sun worn skin. The nourishing properties can help prevent scarring and will reduce the appearance of old scars if applied regularly. Suitable for...

Sample Packs


Sampler Showbag

Limited Edition Normally only available at our shows!! contains sample pack of 12 balms, 100ml hemp seed oil 28g hemp seeds 15ml of hair and beard oils, and 2 massage...

Shine Hair Oil

Shine Hair Oil 50ml. Smooth, soften and add shine!! Apply lightly to the hair strandsdaily to control frizz, seal in hydration and prevent split ends.Massage the oil into the scalp...

Short Sleeve Midtown Shirt

Short sleeve design     Regular fit — easy to style up or down     Blended with tencel for a natural, luxurious feel     Plastic-free, hardwood buttons  ...

Soothe - Irritated Skin

Soothe is very effective for problem skin, or skin damaged by excessive washing or chemicals, and dry, cracked or dehydrated hands. Itchiness caused by these conditions or insect bites will...

Strength Beard Oil

STRENGTH beard oil ( 50ml )Keep your whiskers soft and healthy....rub onto skin to nourish and hydrate the skin underneath.Contains – Hemp Seed oil, Castor Oil, Cypress, Lemongrass, BlackPepper, Lavender,...

Unwind Massage Oil

Relax and unwind with this beautifully aromatic massage oil. An incredibly emollient oil with a blend of essentials that will nourish and restore  healthy natural glow.  Contains Hemp Seed Oil,...

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