Hemp seeds and oil combo Large 500ml + 500g

500ml hemp seeds oil and 500g Hemp seeds

Vendor : AT Hemp


500ml hemp seeds oil and 500g Hemp seeds

Can you test positive on a drug test by eating hemp seeds?

NO. Hemp is a superfood, it contains all 20 essential fatty acids, GLA, Omegas 3,6 and 9 in the perfect ratio for the human body, and in seed form is also 30% protein!! 


what is hemp?

Hemp (sometimes called Industrial Hemp) is a plant of the Cannabaceae family. Strict regulation ensures that hemp has no psychoactive effect.


Can I grow my own hemp plant?

Its unlikely that the relative laws of your area will allow this. Growing of all forms of Hemp require a licence. Please check with your local Department of Primary Industry.


Will hemp affect my medications?

Please consult your medical professional regarding specific medications.


Why is hemp better than cotton or other materials?

Hemp fabric production uses a quarter of the water needed for cotton crops. It also requires NO pesticides or herbicides to grow. Hemp can be grown in any climate.

Hemp fabric does not require bleaching, and is mold resistant, fade resistant, and will never stretch or change shape. It is the strongest plant fibre known to man.


Do any of your products contain psychoactive's?

NO. All of our products contain Hemp Seed Oil which is strictly regulated in Australia. 

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